Thursday, January 22, 2009

Worst Science Jobs?

The February 2009 issue of Popular Science magazine has listed a suite of 2009's worst jobs in science. Among them is Leech Researcher. Amusing and well-written article by Jason Daley. I must say though... I really think I've got the best job in the world (maybe next to Carl Zimmer).


Anonymous said...

Leech researcher's job might be one of the worst science jobs. But, there are some dangerous jobs such as those involving working in the vicinity of nuclear materials
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Anonymous said...

Mark--Jason Daley here. Sorry to ambush you with the Worst Job title. In fact, I consider your work a dream job and envy your expeditions. If you ever need extra manpower, give me a call.
All the Best,

Mark said...

@Jason - Are you kidding me? I love the title. Much better than "Dirty Jobs", no?

christina viering said...

Well, it is a job

Anonymous said...

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