Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Start Up

I felt the time had come to start up a Hirudinology Blog and toyed with various names. HirudoBlogy didn't really strike the right tone... so BdellaNea it is (roughly, "leech news").

It's my intent, here to keep the community of leech scientists, aficionados and dilettantes alike, abreast of all things leechy as I find them or are informed of them.

With any luck, too, it will keep me abreast of the field somewhat better than I have been at times.



Anonymous said...

I have some recent photos if you would like...

Kevin Zelnio said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, from invertebrate lover to another!

Anonymous said...

New fieldwork pic infinitely better. :)

Karen James said...

Okay, so I'm about a month late on the uptake, but that doesn't diminish my excitement to see you here on the blogosphere, Mark!


Godzilla said...


Can you point me to a link or site a publication that would facilitate a basic working knowledge of Hirudotherapy?